LCMS School Ministry Mailing (January 2019)

LCMS School Ministry Mailing
January 2019

The January 2019 edition of the LCMS School Ministry Mailing is available for use and distribution! Articles this month include the following:

Alight – “Behold the Star”
Computer File – “The Maker Movement – Part 2”
Early Childhood Devotions – “REAL. PRESENT. GOD. The Boy Jesus in the Temple”
Family Matters – “REAL. PRESENT. GOD. Real Opportunities”
Fearfully and Wonderfully Made – “Students with Attention Difficulties, Part 2”
Growing in Governing – “Budgeting for Success”
Insights and Ideas – “Anniversary Issue from January 1979”
NLSA Powerful Practices – Sioux Falls Lutheran School, Sioux Falls, S.D.
Parent Pages – “Being Smarter Than a Smart Phone”
Professionally Speaking – “Professionally Speaking…About Life”
School Shepherd – “REAL. PRESENT. GOD. The School Shepherd: Real and Present to School Staff”
Time Out for Directors – “The Power of Relationships”

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