LCMS School Ministry Mailing (March 2021)

LCMS School Ministry Mailing
March 2021

The March 2021 edition of the LCMS School Ministry Mailing is available for use and distribution! Articles this month include the following:

Alight – “Thriving Schools in NLSA”
Computer File – “Developing Technology for Remote Learning”
Early Childhood Devotions – “Jesus Washes the Disciples’ Feet”
Family Matters – “Sent to Serve: Sent to Nourish”
Fearfully and Wonderfully Made – “Inclusion Strategies: Goals Matrix”
Parent Pages – “Are Your Children Securely Attached?”
Professionally Speaking – “Sent to Serve…with a Song”
Rattles & Prattles – “Freed and Chosen to Serve”
School Shepherd – “Sent to Serve Peacefully”
Time Out for Directors – “When Have You Experienced Something New?”

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2 Comments on “LCMS School Ministry Mailing (March 2021)”

  1. Thank you for this. However we probably cannot use them because after today we only have five school days left in March. I did receive a message last month when I responded about the lateness of these issues. I just feel bad that after all the work of putting these together and getting them out the time to really use them has expired. I am going to send them to my teachers anyway, but hopefully we can receive these closer to the beginning of the month as we move on.

  2. I agree with Nancy, there is some great information here for staff and parents, but due to the lateness, I won’t be able to use it. Thank you.

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