The Lutheran School Portal is Closed!

Since you landed here at the new site and not at the old Lutheran School Portal login page, you probably were quick to figure out that the former Lutheran School Portal is now officially and completely closed.  Navigating to the same website as the Portal will now lead you directly to the new LuthEd site so you can easily … Read More

Information on the 2016-2017 Lutheran School Postcard Exchange

The 2016-2017 Postcard Exchange is an opportunity for Lutheran schools to connect to each other as we share information about our schools and communities.  It is open to any Lutheran school / classroom in the world in any grade level that would like to communicate with other schools and learn more about the world in the process.  It is our goal … Read More

2016 LCMS Schools Accredited by NLSA

The National Lutheran School Accreditation (NLSA) National Accreditation Commission met on July 27-28, 2016 in Saint Louis, MO in order to give final approval to those schools who had completed the Accreditation process during the 2015-2016 school year.  In all, 126 schools were granted Accreditation and we rejoice with them upon the completion of the process.  Well done! Click here for … Read More