School Ministry Mailing

The School Ministry Mailing, consisting of articles published monthly September through May, offers excellent resources and ideas for administrators, directors, pastors, teachers, board members and parents of Lutheran schools.  Each article focuses in on a specific topic relevant to the overall theme of the Mailing, and the overall themes are described in detail below.

Recently, the separate Early Childhood and School Mailings have been merged into the School Ministry Mailing and now contain all monthly articles in one format as many of the articles are applicable to all levels of Lutheran education from PK through 12th grade and beyond.  Additionally, current and archived articles are available through the search link in the upper right of this page. Any School Ministry Mailing articles previously available through the Lutheran School Portal are still available and have been archived for your future use!

Monthly Article Topics

  • Alight

    A note from the School Ministry Director for Administrators and Directors

  • Computer File

    Tips for Using Technology in the Classroom

  • Early Childhood Devotions

    Devotional Activities for Children Ages Three to Seven

  • Family Matters

    Christ-Centered Resources for Families and Teachers

  • Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

    Topics Related to Educating Students with Special Needs (Content Provided by Lutheran Special Education Ministries)

  • Growing in Governing

    Growth Topics and Discussions for Lutheran School Governing Boards

  • Insights and Ideas

    Resources for Caregivers of Infants and Toddlers

  • NLSA Powerful Practices

    National Lutheran School Accreditation Accredited Schools Share Their Exemplary Powerful Practices

  • Parent Pages

    Resources for Christian Parents in the 21st Century

  • Professionally Speaking

    Motivation and Encouragement for the Lutheran Educator

  • School Shepherd

    Tips and Support for Pastors of Congregations with Lutheran Schools

  • Time Out for Directors

    Leadership Development Tips for Directors of Early Childhood Centers